Frequently Asked Questions

   How much do they cost?

A simple question, but the answer isn’t. Depending on how you go about it a big scale tank can cost a few hundred or many thousands of dollars? We are developing the club based on the Tamiya 1/15-1/16th scale vehicles with the Tamiya or compatible Battle unit. This combination is the basic unit we are suggesting in 1/15-1/16th model for a few hundred dollars new or possibly much less if you find a used one. Depending on the age of the kit and the features of the model will determine the price of the used equipment. Most of the new 1/15 – 1/16th Full option scale models start around $600+  for the basic kit, then with the addition of a 4 channel radio, Tamiya or compatible Battle Unit, batteries, and a charger, the estimated investment will be upwards of $1000 to $2000+ depending on what new Tamiya or other model you chose to build and run. These costs are about the same cost and possibly less than a small plane, off-road buggy, or race boat. These are only estimates of potential costs and are not met to be used as actual costs, only a guide. The cost falls off drastically if you make all of your own components or have some of the required pieces such as the radio and batteries from a previous project or two. It is our hope in DTC to help you find a way to get or build the model you’ve dreamed of.

   How complex are they?

Like the cost, complexity depends on what you want. Power/motive systems can be a simple electric gear head motors directly powering the drive sprockets. Or as one fellow in Switzerland did: a glow engine powered hydro drive systems with liquid cooling and on-board charging. NOTE: we are an electric vehicle club and currently do not wish to support other types of drive systems. Most electric motor powered tanks are less complicated than other types of power systems. The complexity is not limited to the power/transmission. Turret/main gun elevation control (live guns firing any type of pyro-technique or BB's are not supported or allowed in our club sponsored events,) and other equipment adds to the spice and price of the model.

   Where can I get one?

The smaller, 1/15-1/16th scale (Tamiya), currently preferred by the club, can be purchased through your local hobby shop, though sometime requiring a special order; or through mail order and internet shops. The larger models, 1/12 to 1/6 are usually made by small manufacturers,some here in the US the others are overseas. However there are some people here in the states that are manufacturing larger tanks as well. Join the club and we’ll discover these manufacturers together.

   How do I become a member of the club?                                                      

Please visit the JOIN page for qualifications and be sure to download a copy of the DTC Constitution.

   Do I have to attend X amount of business meetings before becoming a member?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: While we encourage you to attend meetings, they're not mandatory. There are a lot of decisions that get made during our monthly gatherings, and this is the primary venue for keeping up with what is going on with the club.

Most of the information will be/is published in the forum and eventually possibly in a monthly newsletter, but there is no substitute for "face-time." This is especially important during the non-battling times of year where you get the opportunity to connect with fellow RC modelers to learn building techniques, see the projects that other modelers are working on and find out what plans are coming for the battle field. It’s also a great way to voice your concerns and to make recommendations.

   Who do I contact for more information about membership?

You can contact Jim Jackson

   What fees are associated with membership?                                                                                              

The Yearly Fees are due in January of each year and need to be agreed upon by the membership, but our ideas are posted here for consideration. Visit the JOIN page for further details. The following is an example of current membership positions/dues:

  • $ 80 - Staff Officer
  • $ 50 - Officer
  • $ 50 - NCO/Enlisted
  • $ Free - Cadet - (This is the junior membership, but requires an adult to be present with the cadet at all events/meetings of club activities)
  • $ Free - Associate - (Membership is FREE, unless you want to vote in the clubs activities)

Detroit Tank Command is looking forward to meeting you and developing our hobby together.