About Us

Detroit Tank Command (DTC) is a group of modelers in the Michigan, Metro Detroit area, promoting RC Tank modeling and looking for people who either own or would like to own a radio controlled tanks to participate in simulated R/C battles. The name DTC is based on the original Tank Arsenal facility built in the Detroit area to provide tanks for the war efforts in Europe and the Pacific. Their products helped America win WWII. There is a wealth of history/knowledge in this area and we’d like to discover it together in all facets of modeling. We encourage static modelers to join with the intent to build operational models, after all RC modeling is a great way to learn building technique, and historical significance then watch your creations run under your control over obstacles or in battle.

We at the Detroit Tank Command live by these following points:
  •     Promote all facets of radio controlled armor modeling
  •     Participate in fun runs and contest using historical battle scenarios
  •     Discuss and exchange ideas with modelers to improve everyone's skills
  •     Recruitment and growth of Detroit Tank Command Organization
  •     Create camaraderie by helping and educating each other

If you enjoy warfare strategizing and learning about military history at the same time, then this hobby is for you. This club is setup to share tips and discuss the strength/weaknesses of the tanks. Those who enjoy action modeling or who are interested in WWII and realism 3D games will enjoy the RC Tank hobby. This is truly a 3D Tank Warfare game, using radio controlled tanks and equipment to do the battling.

Actual tactics are used in our RC Tank gaming; strategic maneuvering, coordinated attacks, covering and counter attacks, while providing fire support for the teams.
You must learn how to communicate well and must learn how to ration ammunition and maximize battery life, move in a purposeful fashion and plan concerted attacks. You can not just relying on the big tank to kill everyone, it's more important to get used to playing in a group, coordinating team play,  and getting to know more about battle history through gaming. On the realistic battlefield, game play and strategizing is everything!

As for the unique appeal of radio control tanks, its form and function is quite different from other radio control vehicles. You don't exactly battle with planes, boats and cars, but rather, race them with the sole aim of being faster - always going round and around the circuit or tracks. R/C Armor modeling is different, we try to build historic vehicles as close as practical, then operate these models in simulated IR battles against other tanks with compatible battles systems.

With the full spectrum of features from the roaring engines, rumbling tracks, barrel going up, down, side to side, the discharging of rounds, machine gun firing, battle damage sounds accompanied by infrared lights and in the future smoke spewing from the tanks' barrels.

We invite all modelers to join, from beginners to those of you who have your own foundries, fabricating or machining businesses. RC tank battles are fun, especially with the participation of more tanks! We use 1/16 scale TAMIYA tanks or equivalent, installed with infrared battle unit to do tank battling. Tankers from all over the world are always welcome to share information.

Come and check us out!

Detroit Tank Command