Armor Forum Links

Panzer Forum - RC Tank HQRC Tanks Headquarters forum is where you can see some great RC tank model builds and learn some great tips & share your work.

RcTankWarfare Forum - 1/16 IR Armored Division-UK forum is a great place to find all topics related to RC tanks.

RC Armored Battalion Singapore Forum - Armored Battalion in Singapore and Impact upgrades. Good discussion about the TBS (Tamiya Battle System) and improvements in battling hardware Upgrades.

H*E*A*T Forum - A public forum dedicated to RC tanking by the H*E*A*T Armor Club good discussion on RC Tanks and battles at the RCACN Battle Rules for the Historical Team Competition Battles held at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA and other locations.

RC Universe Tank Forum - Widely known RC Tank discussion group forum

World War II Zone Forum - This is a discussion forum about World War II and surrounding events including photo gallery and multimedia.

RC-Panzerketten Forum - This is a German discussion forum about World War II RC Armor & vehicles for all makes and models translated to English, lots of info.

RC Militaer - Another German discussion forum about RC Armor, builds and upgrades translated to English, lots of info.

Missing-lynx - Discussion groups for AFV model builders and historians.