Detroit Tank Command

Recap for July 2009                 DTC Times #003
Tuesday August 4, 2009


July was another great month for our club. We displayed at the Yankee Air Force show “Thunder over Michigan” which featured the US Air Force Blue Angles and many more great planes. We were set up with the re-enactor group again. This is a great alliance for us, they understand and know what the equipment is that we have modeled, and have encouraged us to demonstrate our tanks. We had Jimmy Miller from Jackson Michigan come and help on Saturday at the show. We gathered many name of potential new members, and even had one sign up on the spot, welcome Nate. As a result of being at the Air show we were invited to be at the Re-enactors show the next weekend in St. Clair Shores. This was a two day show, but we could only be there for one day, due to the short notice. But next years we’ll be there in force for both days! This again was a great time with several members running their tanks and demonstrating battling, in the grass! We’ve posted several pictures of these events on our web site for your viewing, take a few moments and see what we saw. We are looking forward to doing these events again next year!


We again held our meeting on July 11, 2009 at the home of one of our members. We had 5 members in attendance. We covered a range of topics for the club. The results/recap of this meeting can be viewed on the Club Forum. We intend to meet once per month for the operations meeting, then at lease once per month to run the tanks in some type of event. We ran our tank in Marks front yard prior to the meeting and had a good time. We did see which tanks worked and which ones did not. Mark put on a demonstration of Air Brushing and finishing techniques that was just outstanding. We look forward to learning more from Mark in the art of fine scale modeling. We will post on the web site and forum dates and times. Our general meetings are open to guests as well, just contact us to let us know you want to attend, we’ll provide the location and directions.


We have grown to 10 members as of the first of the month. We continue to look for interested people to enlist them in the club. We are getting many people joining the forum and hope to see more people come out and join the club as we make our presence known by doing shows and displays. Remember: ownership of a tank is not required and membership is FREE, just sign up on the website/forum! We are developing this organization/group “To Promote all facets of R/C Armor Modeling”. Being an R/C modeler is not required either, all facets of the armor modeling community are welcome to join. Give us a try, together we can do great things, and grow the hobby.

Website & Forum:

All new recruits need to go to Roll Call and post something about you.

The club’s web site continues to grow and expand. We need your help in growing it even more. Post your questions/concerns/builds/ etc. and tell us what you’d like to see on the forum and website. Our hope is that the DTC Website/forum will become the website and forum for R/C Armor Modeling information exchange and growth. We’ve had several comments about the site and are looking to hearing from each of you with your comments to improve the site. We are off to a great start, we need your input to keep the ball rolling and growing the R/C Armor Hobby. Please review the web site; send us your comments, articles, and ideas. We need everyone to contribute to the forum. Please posts articles or submit them to me and I’ll add them to the forum.

Armor Intel:

Tamiya’s KV-1 unit and the Heng-long are now available at hobby shops and via on-line stores. There are even upgrades available for these new releases from impact and other sources. Impact has new electronic devices that are going to available yet this year. These devices will be additional units to expand their line of IR components to aid in IR battling. As more details are released we will post the information on the website.

Up Coming Events:

  • Club meeting scheduled for Tuesday August Details on location and map will follow. 
  • We have tentatively scheduled another tank run date for mid to late August, with the location, time, confirmation date, to be announced in the meeting notice.
  • September’s meeting will be at Great Lakes hobby with a tank run/demo scheduled their on a Saturday, The dates and time will be announced in the meeting minutes.